Foam Insulation New Orleans

Foam Insulation New Orleans

Spray Foam Solutions New Orleans is the team to call when you need the foam insulation New Orleans property owners have trusted over the years. It’s easy to be intimidated by the commitment and cost of insulating a building with spray foam. However, the benefits that come with this insulation are immense. Here are some of the major reasons to choose foam insulation for your building.

Powerful Insulator

Generally, spray foam is a great insulator when compared to other materials. Its expansive nature enables it to seal crannies and nooks tightly. It also has a better resistance value of R-6. This is the highest ranked material in terms of the ability to offer an airtight seal.

Better Energy Savings

Since it’s a powerful insulator, this material has been used to enhance energy savings in residential and commercial properties. When installed properly, this insulation can lead to up to 50% energy savings. This is not the case for other insulations whose energy savings are about 30%.

Air-Tight Seal

The best foam insulation New Orleans materials are capable of sealing cracks and holes in the crawl space and attics. Air leaks are responsible for increased energy bills. Foam insulation provides a tight air seal that is less permeable to infiltration of air.

Moisture Barrier

Cracks and holes in the crawl space and walls allow air and moisture to enter into your house. Foam insulation has water impermeability that prevents airborne moisture from entering the crawl space and attic. However, this insulation won’t absorb water in case flooding occurs.

Mold Deterrent

Foam insulation is water resistant. The inert polymer that is used to make it ensures that bacteria and mold do not have food when they invade it. Thus, insulating a home using spray foam protects it against mildew and mold too.

Spray foam insulation is among the best materials for insulating the attic and crawl space in the current market. Call Spray Foam Solutions New Orleans now to discuss your foam insulation New Orleans needs with experts or to schedule an installation appointment.